Power Data Review + Plan.

This is for the athlete that has been training with power but has lacked the time and/or insight to make actionable effort on the data. You want a broader view of how you should train specifically for event or how to stop something that keeps happening. Maybe you are wondering how accurate and consistent your data really is? Is your FTP calculated correctly? Where is your fatigue? Perhaps you feel you aren't ready or the budget doesn't allow for a coach-but you demand something more than a pre-packaged plan. This is where I can help.



•Analyze all data and correct any anomalies.
•Set up accurate FTP and individualized zones.
•Goal+Target discussion
•Provide Customized Intervals•No Workout Review
*Interval Zones will become irrelevant(because you are gaining strength)


One Time Fee: 150.00

Approx. 3 hours- analysis, discussion, implementation

•Training Peaks Account is necessary to access data.


What a lifesaver!

"I had been training for months and not feeling improvement. There is this mass of information and I had no idea what to do with it. Paul was able to look at it, explain some things to me and give me a path moving forward."

— J.W..

This XXXX meter sucks.

Wow. I am so happy I took advantage of this opportunity. I had been training on my new power meter for a while. I read all the books. I thought I understood the data but it just didn't make sense. After hiring Paul for a consult, he was able to show me how my power meter was so inconsistent that it was truly useless. I had to buy a different brand but it's money well spent in the long run

— N.D..

Dropped no more!

Man, I was getting dropped every ride on this one section of the Thursday Night World Champs. I had Paul look at the rides and all my training- which is sporadic. Paul was able to articulate what was needed to complete this section faster at that specific point in the ride. And not only that- he gave me some workouts I can do to get there. Great value!

— M.M..

Don't waste the money already spent.

Let me help you get sorted out.