The Ultimate training option.

This plan is ideal for the very motivated, goal oriented, athlete with a busy schedule. Maximizing training time is always important. This plan is more. Plan A provides individualized targets, actionable feedback, and unlimited adjustments to your performance. If you want structure, analysis, feedback and accountability- and leave nothing on the table, this is for you.



•Premium Training Peaks account
•Initial testing
*Analysis of historical data
•Goal+Target setting
*Weekly plan with daily    *review+feedback
•Unlimited adjustments to schedule
•Unlimited contact

•100% individualized+customized for you

•Discount at future camps

•10% off Quarq Products

*form+data swag (bottles/t-shirt, etc)

•form+data kit by Jakroo (w/6 month commitment)


Goal setting is harder with today's busy standard of life. Things change very fast for us weekend warriors.

Finding a good coach goes beyond the technical and knowledge base.  It is imperative that he understands the athlete in many different levels. Paul has been able to do so on a very short period of time.  I have been working with Paul for 9 months and during that time my cycling performance has increased in many aspects.  From the actual performance on the bike to the understanding of how all the training program works.
Serious Recreational Athletes strive to excel in different ways than the actual Racing profile cyclist. Paul knows how to adapt to that and how to change the training scheduling as per the short term base.

— R.E..

In my mind I felt as though I could just train myself to get better. It didn't work that well.

Paul set up a weekly plan for me to start training my legs to get stronger. There were workouts during the first 3 months that I was sure I wouldn't make it through.  His encouragement and information on why I was doing those particular workouts helped me make it through each day.  He kept me accountable and watched my cycling numbers every time it was uploaded.  He was so in-tune with what I was doing that there were days I would get an email or text saying "Your legs are getting tired, take it easy tomorrow" or "Your doing great! I think you should try an extra set tomorrow". His methods were based on my goals as a cyclist and he has a lot of enthusiasm for me to improve.

— A.C..

I never thought I could do this.

I hired Paul after a year of just riding around on an entry level bike. I realized how much I enjoyed it, had done many group rides and the slightly competitive side got a hold of me. I wanted to go faster. I wanted to be with 'THEM'. I did upgrade my bike and purchased a power meter. With Paul's close guidance and care I am now dropping people instead of being dropped. I don't always make the final selection on the Sunday Ride, but it's getting better every time. Signed up for a Gran Fondo and currently training for that!!

— J.Y.



Stop wondering if you're getting stronger.