Coaching cyclists is an extention of my first loves- art and teaching. There is an 'art' to coaching. A creativity, gut feelings, nuance. Teaching is a delicate skill. Almost sleight of hand. No one liked their dogmatic, brow beating teacher. We gravitated to the ones that helped us think critically and challenged us. The ones that didn't say "back in my day.." But rather the teachers that showed us facts and reason- why 'x' or 'y' was important. And that is what I bring to my coaching business. 20 years of creating art and teaching higher education.

I provide coaching to any level of cyclist that is using a power meter. Can you train without one? Sure. I just don't believe it is very feasible to train someone else with out that concrete data. It's not a terribly efficient use of time.

It is all about structure.

Deliberate practice, analysis, feedback, adjust. Repeat.