Not a pre-packaged plan. 

This is for the self motivated athlete that doesn't need or want daily feedback and schedule adjustments. Perhaps you already have dived into power data and are comfortable making small adjustments on your own. You don't mind having your workload reviewed at the end of the week rather than daily. This is still very individualized and customized. There is still accountability. Improvement and progressive changes will take place but more likely at a slower rate without the constant analysis and feedback.


•Premium Training Peaks Account
•Initial Testing
•Historical Data Analysis
•Goal+Target Setting
•Monthly Schedule
•Weekly Review+Feedback
•100% Customized+Individualized
•Fatigue Review Daily-To Avoid Injury
•One Major Schedule Adjustment/Month
•Unlimited General Communication
•10% off Quarq products
•form+data swag: H2O bottle/t-shirt





Great option for me!

I was really excited I found this coaching option. I identify with Paul's philosophy and this plan fits my budget and timeline. I do have time to improve and it's ok that the feedback isn't daily. Still mountains better than a pre packaged plan from TrainerRoad or somewhere.

— W.A.

Don't know why I waited.

I guess I thought I wasn't good enough to hire a coach. I was wrong. If you care just a bit about getting better, why waste your time? Seriously.. 4 bucks a day? Why not? I don't need that Latte anyway.

— L.K.

Stop making excuses.

This option is great for me. I have some background with training with power. I just wanted another set of eyes on the data and know I was accountable.

— J.Y.

Stop getting dropped. Nail that PR.